About Us

AMCLS ground-air-cloud

We are a consulting company specialising in Information and Communications Technology. With experience across a number of sectors in hard to reach places, we know what it takes to deliver IT wherever you need it.

With special expertise in Telecommunications, Resources and Developing Markets, we offer a unique blend of service and experience that is difficult to match.

Just because you are not working in the city, does not mean that you should compromise on the quality of your IT. Our experience and know how, can help you achieve the right blend of ground, air and cloud solutions to meet your business needs.


Ground represents the work that must be done on the site. With technology choices, we know it is important to plan how service is delivered to the place where you are working. From the people, to the network that holds it all together, IT delivered on the ground is an important philosophy to us.


In an ever changing and mobile world, Air represents the wireless devices and technology we use to stay connected. Whether it be downloading your email to your smart phone at home, or connecting to the internet via satellite from a remote site, good wireless strategy and technology helps keep you productive and on the move.


In an increasingly digital world Cloud services present an incredible offering for small to medium businesses which would have previously been considered out of reach. Hosting your own IT services becomes less necessary when someone else can host it for you. A good cloud adoption strategy can help you advance your IT much faster than has ever been possible.

Where we work

Our specialists have experience in a variety of markets especially the emerging markets of Asia Pacific.