AMCLS ground-air-cloud can provide expertise across a number of areas of Information Technology(IT) Management.

IT Project Management

A specialist area of experience, having the right project manager can bring incredible value to your project delivery. Without careful planning and the ability to take care of your technical resources, IT and telecom projects can become difficult to manage and fail to meet expectations. We make sure the project delivers the value you expect, keeping you informed throughout the whole process.

From turn key, to resourcing your existing team, we can help you get the right project outcome without nasty surprises.

IT Programme Management

Also known as IT-Management-As-A-Service (ITMAAS), we offer a unique service for small to medium size businesses that need high level IT guidance, but don’t require a full time IT manager. Whether it be setting your long term IT strategy, or choosing the right technologies and team for your project, you will find this an invaluable service to compliment your transition into the digital world.

We also understand that it is important to build the correct blend of in house and outsourced technology expertise. We help you decide where to build up your experience and where it is best to leverage external offerings.

Wireless & Network Consulting

With strong expertise working in telecom and wireless carrier projects, we can help you choose the right wireless and network solutions for your business. Sometimes you need to implement a solution yourself, otherwise you can leverage existing carrier offerings in the market you are working. We can help you make the right decisions which will give you the best outcome for your wireless needs.

IT Audit and Compliance

Having been through many audits ourselves, we know what is required to meet your compliance needs. Using best practice industry standards and specific compliance measuring techniques, we can make sure you meet the requirements of the digital age when it comes to Audit and Compliance.

Enterprise and Infrastructure Architecture

From the data centre to remote field implementations, it is important to consider the bigger picture when implementing your IT. Our architecture programs can help map existing enterprise IT and infrastructure and also help decide where you should go next.

Cloud Services

In this digital age there are many service offerings which can enhance your business but can also become overwhelming. We help you to leverage cloud services to accelerate your business without complexity. We can help you establish the service and hand it over, or we can manage the administration of the system for you.